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In this server can enjoy one of the new audiovisual technologies developed for computer networks, such as video on demand (VOD), with the addition that is accessible from the Internet, using streaming.


The content that you can find in these pages are formatted for video productions made by the Department of Communications and Publications of this university, some of the conferences that are held in different courses and events that convenes the university, as well as other productions or divested learned to others.


In order to view the content of this video server is required to have installed the appropriate software (Microsoft Windows Media Player, Flash Player or Quicktime).


To view the contents of this server, you need to have installed the appropriate software, according to the video format you want to play. For bajároslos pulsáis over the icon for the chosen format.

It requires the following versions:


Windows Media Player
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Solaris, ...
Adobe Flash Player
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, ...
Google Chrmoe Plugin Windows Media Player
Mozilla Firefox Plugin Windows Media Player